Funding Projects That Foster Economic Development

At the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, our new initiatives, endeavors, programs, and incentives revolve around the human capital that’s within our community. These new investment initiatives include small business development, entrepreneurship and job creation projects that define the economic development role we plan to serve in order to make our community more competitive. Take the time to get to know your local Type B economic development organization,  apply for our relevant grants and incentives, and help be a part of the exiting future happening in Brownsville!

Capital Project Grants

Capital Project Grants provide financial support for projects eligible for consideration under Texas Type B sales tax statutes that enhance the quality of life in Brownsville, Texas and foster economic development opportunities. Some examples include infrastructure improvements, community or recreational facilities, convention facilities, etc.. The BCIC opens applications for Capital Project funding twice a year and are subject to board and city commission approval.

Capital projects must fall under the following categories to be an eligible expenditure for “type b” economic development corporations:

+ Land Acquisition
+ Building Acquisition
+ Equipment
+ Facilities
+ Expenditures
+ Targeted Infrastructure
+ Capital Improvements
+ Professional & Amateur Sport and Athletic Facilities
+ Convention Facilities
+ Public Parks and Open Spaces Improvements
+ Tourism and Entertainment Facilities

All projects must foster economic development within city limits. Not all projects qualify and are subject to board approval. Upon board approval, a 60-day public comment period is triggered which will ultimately result in the approval by the city commission. For more information, contact Cori Peña at

Capital Project FY 2019 Guidelines

The purpose of the BCIC Capital Project Grants is to fund community facilities and related projects that will develop and expand the local economy.

PDF file accessible on all web browsers and downloadable on any device.


Capital Projects Information Session Presentation

Presentation provided to all those who attend BCIC’s info sessions concerning Capital Projects.

PDF file accessible on all web browsers and downloadable on any device.


BCIC's 3-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan

The BCIC 3-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan was adopted by the BCIC Board of Directors on May 15, 2017 to guide the organization’s direction and establish new objectives.

PDF file accessible on all web browsers and downloadable on any device.


From the Discover Brownsville campaign to the B.I.G. Grant program, we have never had so much help with our business thanks to BCIC.

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