Our Economic Impact Grants provide financial support for projects eligible for consideration under Texas Type B sales tax statutes that enhance the quality of life in Brownsville, Texas and foster economic development opportunities. The BCIC opens applications for Economic Impact Grant Project funding twice a year and are subject to Board and City Commission approval. All projects must foster economic development within the Brownsville city limits. Upon board approval, a 60-day public comment period is triggered which will ultimately result in the approval by the City Commission.

This grant provides opportunity for financial support towards projects that create an attractive environment for Brownsville, Texas to be a destination city to live, work, play and invest that will enhance the economic well-being of the community.

Projects for consideration should be designed to:

  • Improve an area’s appearance or addresses an identifiable community need.
  • Serves a high percentage of Brownsville’s residents and visitors.
  • Demonstrates sustainability and is aligned with BCIC’s strategic priorities and vision.
  • Projects that will develop or expand business enterprises that create or retain primary jobs.
  • Downtown revitalization projects that are designed to increase sales tax revenue and foster investor opportunities.
  • Projects that are designed to increase recreational tourism and spur small business development.
  • Projects that support cultural, sports, fitness, recreational, and entertainment that will contribute to the sustainability and growth of the Brownsville’s sales tax revenue.